This video shows our first video from 2015 that first revealed the reverse flow method of drilling using PVC pipe with a steel bit. This drill costs less than 200 dollars to build and was used to drill to depths of 70 feet. Later in 2015 another similar drill constructed of steel was used to drill through soft rock and hard clay. I have given free of charge numerous copies of instructions of how to build and use this drill. The video shows both 2 inch and 4 inch diameter drill stems. This video has been viewed more than 240,000 times on my site alone.


This video shows a comparison between the direct circulation method used by most other hand drilling charities and commercial companies and the reverse circulation method used by Well Inventions and One Million Wells. One Million Wells is currently the only charity licensed to use the invention of R.C. Crawford. We offer a free sub-license to others that wish to use the process for charity work.

This video shows our team in India drilling a 120 ft. deep borehole for an irrigation well.

This drilling expedition was accomplished under license to ITT in India, a branch of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories located in California, USA. We have drilled numerous wells throughout India.

This drill can be constructed at a cost that ranges from 250 USD and 500 USD depending on optional equipment. The drill can be constructed of steel or PVC and can have a portable mud pit or a hand dug pit.

This particular well was less than 40 feet deep because there is salt water below that depth. However, we have drilled to 70 feet deep with this drill system. It is unique because it requires only 4 to 7 cfm of air and very little water to secure a high quality water well.

This is a video Sam put together for an Invest H20 presentation. The crew in the opening scene is from the Harare Institute of Technology in Zimbabwe. We provided training to the engineers and students and constructed 7 working drills at the Institute.This was a successful well on their campus.

No other charity in the world has a tool like this one that will bring up large diameter gravel from deep in the borehole. No charity should be without this drill. Please help us furnish at least one of these drills to each charity in the world before 2030.

This is a prototype of the Crawford hydraulic drill. This drill is drilling inside an existing 54 inch diameter hand dug well with a 20 inch diameter bit mounted on a 8 inch diameter drill stem.

This well encountered several other wells inside the existing 54 inch hand dug well and could not complete a well because of obstructions. However the process worked well and the drill removed large gravel from the well.

First woman to use the Crawford Drill licensed to One Million Wells to drill her own well.

This woman was the first of many women to use the Crawford Drill. After her successful drilling performance many other women have also drilled their own wells using the light weight PVC plastic drill stem that makes drilling light and easy for both men and women. We are the only drilling company in the world that can use the Crawford Drill that is so easy to use and light in weight.

This photo shows the size of rock that can be drilled and removed from boreholes using the Crawford Drill. This rock was removed from a depth of 40 ft and was brought up through the inside of an 8 inch diameter schedule 40 PVC drill stem with a 12 inch diameter drill bit. We are the only drilling company in the world that can use the Crawford Drill to remove such large stones.

This is a photo of the hydraulic top drive drill rig that uses the Crawford Drill system. No other drill can do what the Crawford Drill can do. This drill is rated to use 8 inch diameter drill stem and drill irrigation and municipal boreholes up to 24 inches in diameter.

Your donation to our charity assures that we may continue to license our tool to all other drill rig manufacturers that are now selling equipment that is outdated.

This is a short video showing our smallest hydraulic drill operating with a 4 inch drill stem and 10 inch diameter drill bit. The borehole is about 47 ft deep and was in good water that lies just above a seam of salty water. Our driller is overjoyed and having a little fun.